DL Packaging overview

DL Packaging B.V. has its factory and office location in Oosterhout (Neth). From the center of the Benelux region we serve Europe and even other continents.  Since our start in 1996 we have installed over 800 vffs packaging machines world-wide.
In April 2021 we celebrate our 25 years of helping customers pack their products into bags. Although we are mainly focused on the dry food market, we can create a solution for almost every packaging challenge, especially since becoming a part of the Rovema Group in 2020
DL Packaging is the machine partner for companies just starting bag packaging (with vffs machines) as well as experienced larger companies running many machines or packaging lines in multiple shifts. We have a great expertise in dosing equipment as well, so we can offer a solution 
for almost every case, with new as well as rebuilt equipment.

DLPACK machines. Our pride is the new DLPACK vffs machine range, coming in different versions: e.g. the DLPACK 260
and bigger brother DLPACK 400.This new stainless steel machine fills the gap between manual packaging a full high-speed,
continuous motion vffs machine. The Siemens-Servo-driven machine is easy to operate and has short change-over times.
After a few years developing, fine-tuning and optimizing features, this is the best-priced machine on the market. With its compact size,
stainless steel body, multiple options, easy controls and output up to 100 bags/minute this machine can run anywhere,
with any product or filler!  


We see that the packaging world is in a makeover, and clients want to change to more eco-friendly, sustainable packaging materials. 
We have tested hundreds of different packaging films which run smoothly on the DLPACK machines. 
The eco-friendly materials should also  protect the product and attract customers. 

We therefore offer to help with that, we could help you pick a material of even supply your film at the start-up, being either paper, biodegradable, plastic or a laminate.

At DL Packaging we maintain a very high standard on new and rebuilt-to-new equipment. Therefore we give 12 months of guarantee on both new and rebuilt eqjuipment. But we do more! 

Auger (powder) fillers Rovema and DLPACK auger fillers are famous for their precision, reliability, hygiene and lifetime.
Thus, these auger fillers have become the industry standard for powder filling. DL Packaging supplies these auger fillers both new and rebuilt,
as stand-alone units or built ona new or rebuilt vffs machine.

Multihead and lineair weighing
DL Packaging is proud to be a longtime partner of Yamato and Combimat multihead weighing solutions. We always have multiple weighers in stock, wich can be offered either separately or as a part of a complete packaging line, including infeed system, weigher support frame, packaging machine etc.         

As being part of Rovema’s Life Cycle Services depart-ment we are very proud to offer another sustainable option to our customers. DL Packaging has been offering rebuilt-to-new vffs machines for over 20 years, giving them a second life with extensive guarantees. Clearly, our focus is on Rovema vffs machines, but other major brands are available now and then. We have a large stock of used machines which are ready for tailor-made, customer-specific 
rebuilds: the second life, which can last for more than 25 years! 

With the new Siemens electronic system that we incorporate as a standard, worldwide updates and service are ensured. Most rebuilt machines from DL Packaging are supplied with fillers as well: a rebuilt auger (powder) filler, multihead weigher or cup filler, as well as other peripherals like metal detector, printer/labeler, checkweigher etc. 

Please contact us with any vffs packaging enquiry –either directly or via your local Rovema agent. 
We are looking forward to answering your call!